Access Requests Policy


Access Requests & Your Rights:

Your information will not be provided to any third party (other than as outlined in the GDPR Policy) without your express consent. This includes Solicitors and Insurance Companies.

It is your responsibility to check the level of consent you are granting.

We will verify third-party requests and provide the agreed level of information within one calendar month of the date of your response confirming that this is your wish. You have the right to request access to your medical records and to validate the information we hold. If the information is proven to be inaccurate or incorrect you have the right for any errors to be rectified or erased.

We will respond to your requests within one calendar month (in line with GDPR). If the information requested is excessive we may ask that this be extended to two months.

In the case of excessive or repeated requests by you, we have the right to charge a fee. Any complaint in relation to data protection or confidentiality should be made in writing and addressed to the Practice manager. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 2 working days and you will receive a full response/explanation/apology as appropriate within 30 working days.



Your medical records are lifelong documents which will follow you from practice to practice for life, containing all of the information outlined above. When you leave the practice your paper records will be forwarded to your new GP together with a printed copy of your computerised record.

Your actual computer records will be archived, and will remain archived as we may need to access them in the future if there are any queries in respect of the care you had whilst registered. However, your archived records will not be accessed without need or without your consent and you are able to ask us to see your archived records at any time.

If you have concerns about access please contact the Practice manager.