Winter Newsletter 2024


Website Services

We are constantly trying to make improvements in how patients can access our services. We have a range of services accessible on our website including booking routine appointments, requesting a sick paper, requesting the contraceptive pill, requesting medical records, cancelling appointments and registering as a patient and for My Health Online. 



We are always working hard at the surgery, here are just some of the statistics of what we do in a month (November 2023)

Referrals made
Prescription Items Issued
Total Calls (4,514  were answered in 2 minutes)
Consultations Held

There was a total of 137 missed appointments in November, these appointments could have gone to other patients in need. Please cancel your appointment if you no longer need it!


Pre-bookable Appointments

For those that haven’t already heard, patients are able to pre-book their GP telephone consultation for a day that suits them best. The Receptionist will be able to put you on the list with the GP for your chosen day and they will give you a call during the course of that day, arranging a face to face consultation if required. Please note, these are currently filling up approximately a week in advance but we are looking to increase the number of pre-bookable telephone consultation slots.


Staff Changes

We have sadly said farewell to Melissa James, our Healthcare Assistant, and we wish her all the best for the future! However, we are happy to welcome another two new members of staff to the team. Dr Hala Ibrahim has previously done multiple locum shifts and we are pleased she now has decided to work with us on a permanent basis. Hanna Edwards will also be starting in February as our new Healthcare Assistant. In the last year we have also appointed Deborah Lemonheigh as our Head of Reception and Holly Edwards as our Head of Admin, IT and Services. They have already started making improvements in the Practice and we look forward to seeing what the future brings.


Flu and Covid

We have finished our flu and covid vaccines for this winter but thank you for all those that came along for their vaccines


Marie Curie Visit

We are proud to announce that the staff and patients raised £156.74 during the last visit from Marie Curie which will help provide 7 nursing hours for Marie Curie patients. They will be with us again on Tuesday 27th February 2024, feel free to come along and speak with them if you are interested in what services they can offer or if you wish to donate or volunteer. 


Fit Jacks

Community Fit Jacks launched this month but it is not too late to get involved. All sessions will be from 15th January 2024 and will be held at New Lodge in Gorseinon on Monday's at 5.15pm and at Gorseinon Institute on Wednesday mornings at 10am.

Fit Jacks is a free 12-week health and wellbeing programme which combines information about healthier choices with free weekly fitness sessions which cater to your fitness levels.

You can find more information online here


Coughs and Colds

A cough or cold isn’t normally serious but we understand it does make you feel quite unwell. There are plenty of over the counter medications available from the Pharmacies to help with this. Some Pharmacies offer a sore throat test and treat service where they are able to swab and prescribe antibiotics if needed. 


Blood Tests

Under the advice of the health board, we are unable to offer any blood test appointments for patients. Please speak with a Receptionist or visit our website for information on how to book your blood test



All staff across the surgery work extremely hard to help you. If you have had a positive experience, then please leave us a review on Facebook or Google. We do also have a suggestions box in the waiting area where patients can leave anonymous feedback or suggestions on improvements for the surgery.


Healthy Habits

We know that addictions are extremely difficult to get on top of, but as a surgery we want to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Please follow the links if you would like any help with reducing your smoking or alcohol intake.

Published: Mar 26, 2024